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  • Anna Maya

    Anna Maya

    Writer, relationship, movie lover, friends fun

  • Alessandro Fiorito

    Alessandro Fiorito

    Scrivo di quello che mi va, quando mi va, se mi va.

  • Sofia Amante

    Sofia Amante

    Changing careers, learning new things, shitposting and other things

  • Louis Miogati

    Louis Miogati

    Scrivo cose che hanno già scritto tutti, perché alla fine le parole disponibili sono sempre quelle. Ig: favolismo

  • Pierluigi Borlenghi

    Pierluigi Borlenghi

  • Denisa Blackwood

    Denisa Blackwood

    Scientist based in London. I write about tech, science, society and mental health. For collaborations, get in touch at denisa.blackwood [at]protonmail[dot]com

  • Umar Usman

    Umar Usman

    Tech Enthusiast | Electrical Engineer | Love to talk about Tech | iSheep. Follow me for the latest Apple News.

  • Airtable


    Organize anything you can imagine.

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